Large-Scale Theropod Tracksite

From Southeastern B.C.

In the spring of 2004 a large-scale theropod (meat-eating dinosaur) tracksite was reported to Rich McCrea after a talk he gave at the Alberta Palaeontological Society meeting at Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta. Mr. Guy Santucci, a resident of Cranbrook, British Columbia provided pictures and a very compelling description of the tracksite that had been exposed during open pit operations within a coal mine.

It wasn't until November, 2004 that Rich could visit the site in person. The tracksurface was spectacular. Even though there had been recent snows the angle of the slope (over 60 degrees) .and the wind had kept most of the tracksurface clear.

The footprints showed wonderful detail, even from a distance. The pads of the digits on the prints could clearly be seen. Plans are underway for a documentation of this amazing site for summer, 2005.

Large theropod trackways from a coal mine in southeastern British Columbia

(Click on the vertical trackway for a closeup of the prints)