Calling All Tracks

Before the snow was off the ground and the ice was out of the canyons the P.R.P.R.C. palaeontologists were already at work in the field with the objective of recovering several large trackslabs that had been discovered in previous years.

The first priority specimen was a slab with juvenile ankylosaur tracks on it which had eroded out of the banks into the middle of a creek several kilometres south of Tumbler Ridge.

Juvenile Ankylosaur I


A second large ankylosaur trackslab was also brought in from another site very close to town. The slab was helped onto the helicopter webbing by members of the T.R.M.F.


In the fall a trackslab that had been discovered by University of Alberta Ph.D. candidate Curtis Lettley was airlifted with the help of Aaron Sitter of Ridge Rotors from a location on Mount Babcock

Avian and Theropod Trackslab