Prospecting for More Tracks in the Peace Region

Each year the PRPRC sends out its staff to try to locate and document additional track resources and check out reports of new discoveries from a variety of supportive locals and some of the museum's dedicated and energetic volunteers.

Museum staff locating in situ dinosaur tracks on the bank of a creek.


A natural cast of a large ornithopod footprint with strong digit impressions.


PRPRC summer staff Ms. Robin Sissons with her discovery of a small natural cast of an ankylosaur print.


PRPRC volunteer and TRMF Board Member Dr. Charles Helm exploring remote areas for fossils.


PRPRC palaeontologist Lisa Buckley and local physician and TRMF Board Member Dr. Charles Helm contemplate a well-preserved ankylosaur trackway near Tumbler Ridge.


PRPRC Technician Tammy Pigeon painting liquid latex on the trackway to make a replica. This replica mould, and a second one attempted a couple of years later, were destroyed by heavy rains.