Trend Mine Uncovers Dinosaur Tracks

Coal mines in western Canada are great places to encounter fossil tracks. The PRPRC received a report early in 2006 on the discovery of dinosaur tracks in the Trend Mine near Tumbler Ridge from geologist Mr. Kevin Sharman. PRPRC staff visited the site near the end of May, guided by Mr. Sharman.

Mr. Kevin Sharman providing scale for the large footwall (tracks are at the top of the image)


A close view of the dinosaur tracks. The tracks were made by large quadrupedal dinosaurs (ankylosaurs). The trackway in the centre image is proceeding from the upper right to the lower left.


Another surface in the mine covered with invertebrate traces (Diplocraterion ichnosp.). These U-shaped burrows were established in the overlying sedimentary layer and only the bottoms of the burrows partially penetrated the harder surface shown here.