Fossil Fishing Trips

The PRPRC, again with generous helicopter support from DGG Veritas, visited a number of otherwise inaccessible alpine sites to discover and collect fossil fish and marine reptiles from Triassic deposits.


Shelter is established immediately after the helicopter leaves.


A spine and a sprinkle of scales from a type of ancient shark.


A number of specimens from a place dubbed "Chondricthyes Cove" where a new specimen was found every ten minutes.


Members of Council and staff from the District of Tumbler Ridge visit one of the remote Triassic sites courtesy of a big helicopter (204) provided by DGG Veritas.


Another new Triassic locality selected by PRPRC palaeontologists as a good candidate for fossil fish and marine reptiles.


A skull and jaws from an ichthyosaur - a marine reptile known from the Triassic.


A pair of small fish preserved together.


Several blocks containing many articulated bones from a single ichthyosaur specimen.