A New Dinosaur Tracksite From the Hudson's Hope Area

Another new track site was reported to the PRPRC. This time to the north of Tumbler Ridge. The first visit to the site was in early October by Dr. Charles Helm, museum volunteer and TRMF Board Member. A great deal of valuable information was obtained on the nature of the site, which is large in scale with many hundreds of footprints and trackways from the Gething Formation (Early Cretaceous - approximately 117 million years old).

This was the first large-scale track site to be reported from the Gething Formation since the major track sites in the Peace River Canyon (known in the scientific literature since the 1920's) were flooded between the W.A.C. Bennett and Peace Canyon Dams in 1979.

A followup visit to the site was conducted by Rich McCrea and representatives of the provincial government in mid-October. Rich confirmed the very high scientific potential of the site.

A pair of medium-sized theropod (meat-eating dinosaur) tracks from the new site near Hudson's Hope.