Wapiti Lake Provincial Park

PRPRC palaeontologists visited the classic Triassic marine vertebrate sites in Wapiti Lake Provincial Park early in August, in the company of B.C. Parks staff and under the aegis of B.C. Parks.


The landscape of the park is beautiful, but the terrain is difficult to traverse as there are no roads to the locality. DGG Veritas stepped up once again with much needed and appreciated helicopter support.


A small camp is set up on the only flat area at this site, high up the mountain. Previous expeditions from other institutions camped at a much lower level and hiked up to this site each day.


The camp is barely visible from the good fossil fishing spots.


It did not take long to find the first splendid specimen of fossil fish.


Another example of the splendid preservation of fish at this locality.


Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation President Charissa Tonnesen proudly displaying one of her many finds on this trip.


A short series of articulated vertebrae of a small marine reptile.


Every fishing trip has a story about the one that got away. This is just the tail of an enormous coelacanth that was too heavy to carry so it had to be left behind,..., for now.


The field crew packing up the specimens at the end of another successful fishing trip.