Airlift of British Columbia's First Complete Dinosaur

The partially articulated remains of an adult (intact from the middle of the tail to the shoulder region, including a complete set of hips) were ready to be removed at the end of the 2012 field season. However, no helicopters were available to attempt this lift that year so the dinosaur had to be re-buried for the winter. At the end of the 2013 dig in July the specimen had to be buried yet again.

A film company (Cream Productions) was in the area filming a multi-part documentary on dinosaur hunting in Canada and was very interested in obtaining footage of a dinosaur skeleton being airlifted from an excavation site. This company provided substantial funding to enable this airlift which was executed by Vancouver Island Helicopters.

A VIH load specialist moves out of the way after hooking up the dinosaur to the long line as the helicopter begins to lift the specimen out of the quarry. The Cream Productions film crew is seen to the right filming the lift for their upcoming documentary.


The helicopter flying with a dinosaur that hasn't moved for 74 million years.


The VIH helicopter pilot placed the 4200lb dinosaur specimen perfectly on the waiting trailer. The dinosaur was carefully transported to the PRPRC where it awaits preparation and eventual display.