Discovery of New Tracks in the Minnes Group

A guide-outfitter, Tim Milliward, had reported the existence of dinosaur tracks in the area of Wolverine Mine near Tumbler Ridge a few years previous. Local physician and TRMF volunteer Charles Helm followed up and confirmed the report. In August of 2013 he and PRPRC palaeontologist Rich McCrea visited the site and several isolated slabs with tracks were found as well as a few small in situ tracksites on vertical faces. With the dinosaur excavation completed for the year the PRPRC palaeontologists were able to begin a systematic exploration that led to the discovery of many new tracks and tracksites from the poorly known Minnes Group. One canyon was so rich with fossil tracks that it was dubbed 'Dinosaur Gorge'.

An important theropod slab discovered by Charles Helm in 'Tim's Creek'.


A small theropod track from 'Tim's Creek'.


A slab with two small theropod tracks from 'Dinosaur Gorge'.


Tim's Creek and Dinosaur Gorge are beautiful, but difficult to prospect in and sometimes treacherous.


PRPRC staff pick their way carefully along the slippery creek and its many small falls.


The reward for persistence in Dinosaur Gorge was a large-scale, vertical track surface nearly 1000m2 in area.


Pictured here is a tight view of a large theropod track (lower left) and part of a large quadrupedal ornithopod trackway (middle right).


PRPRC palaeontologist Lisa Buckley examines the tracks at the large and vertical Dinosaur Gorge site.


Another in situ tracksite right at creek level in Dinosaur Gorge. These tracks were made by large, quadrupedal ornithopods.