Prospecting for Dinosaurs at the Sustut River

Dinosaur bones were discovered from a site at the Sustut River in north-central British Columbia by a prospecting geologist forty years ago, but were not reported until very recently (Arbour and Graves, 2008). In early August PRPRC palaeontologists were invited to piggyback on a helicopter day trip to the Sustut River with representatives from the Vanderhoof and Fort St. James Forest District led by Mr. Vince Sewell.

PRPRC palaeontologist Lisa Buckley prospecting for fossils in a boulder-filled creek.


No bones were found on this trip, but Vince Sewell (right) discovered an area with dinosaur tracks right on the banks of the Sustut River.


A single track from Vince Sewell's new tracksite along the Sustut River. The print is filled with moss and other modern encrusting plants. This looks like a tridactyl track of an ornithopod, but there is also evidence of ankylosaur tracks and theropod tracks from this site too.